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"Ihan vit*n tiukka bändi! Mul on näiden logo tatskattuna nilkkaan." -Jartsa



The long story told short

If you're new to hop aboard this swinging ship, here's the tl;dr version: a f*cking great 13-years old Finnish rock band still going strong!

Electric Monk 2016 - photo: Ilkka Elo

The 4 founding Monks had been playing in various bands since late 90s, and finally came together and formed Electric Monk in summer 2004 in Helsinki, Finland. All guys were disappointed in the state of the music at the time and wanted to bring back the groove to rock music. Everything clicked from the first rehearsal together.

In years 2004-2006 Electric Monk played dozens of gigs at Finland's sleaziest venues and released 3 EPs ("...heavy & HOT!", "And Pass It Around!" and "Wake Up The Neighbours!") that recieved rave reviews in Finnish music press (RIP) and blogosphere (RIP).

Electric Monk: heavy & HOT! (2004) : Electric Monk: ...and pass it around! (2005) : Electric Monk: Wake Up The Neighbours! (2006)

In 2007, Electric Monk was joined by an old friend, Ville Nissinen (trombone & mandolin), and later that year the debut album "Hair of the Dog" was released. The band were not satistified with the record company (RIP) and split ways shortly after the release. As a result, very little promotion was made but the band toured Finland actively and played over 50 gigs per year for few years.

Electric Monk: Hair Of The Dog (2007)

The follow-up "Hanging Loose" was recorded in 2010-2011 with hard rock legend Hannu Leidén at Seawolf Studios in Suomenlinna, Helsinki. Shortly after the CD's release the band's management had some serious legal trouble (nothing to do with the band!) and the band split ways with the management. As a result, very little promotion was made, but the band kept playing gigs at bigger venues.

Electric Monk: Hanging Loose (2011)

In June 2012 Electric Monk started a song-per-month project, lasting until March 2013. All songs were recorded and produced by the band itself and released at SoundCloud.

In 2013 Ville asked Topias and his childhood friend Jaakko Markkanen to join him in forming an old-school reggae vocal harmony group which was later named Polkuharmonix. Polkuharmonix had some exceptional magic going on, and Electric Monk was put a little bit aside for the moment. Aleksi, Lauri and Ilkka also got into other band projects.

In summer 2014 Polkuharmonix was finishing it's debut album (only the trombones and vocals were not yet recorded) and Electric Monk started getting ready for the band's ten-year anniversary concert on 8 August in Semifinal, Helsinki. There were plans to record new Electric Monk EP later that year, but everything was changed dramatically shortly after the concert.

On a cold and rainy autumn evening tragical news were heard: Ville had been found dead in Raahe, Finland. Ville had been playing trombone on another band's concert tour and had drowned early in the morning hours of 6 September after the Raahe concert.

Luckily, there existed enough Ville's vocal recordings from Polkuharmonix's rehearsals, and the album could be finished. "Triangeli" was released at Ville's memorial concert on 31 March 2015 at Tavastia-klubi, Helsinki.

Polkuharmonix: Triangeli (2015)

After "Triangeli" was finished, Electric Monk headed back to the rehearsal room. New songs were polished and a studio was booked for October 2015. Unfortunately the plans changed again: Aleksi broke his kick drum leg skateboarding in Sweden in August 2015, and the studio and all the autumn's gigs had to be canceled.

New studio was booked for April 2016. Three songs were recorded with Tero Rikkonen (who also recorded "Hair of the Dog" and "...and pass it around!") at Äänivallila Studios. The EP "Humble Machine" was released finally in May 2017.

Electric Monk - Humble Machine

Drunk Electric Monk

Topias Jerkku
Lauri Vähänissi
Ilkka Elo
Aleksi Torvela


Ville Nissinen
trombone & mandolin
- RIP -

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Electric Monk -logo

Hanging Loose -album cover

Hair of the Dog -album cover

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